Aeronautical Information Managers require a high degree of certainty in the location and height of obstacles to meet ICAO eTOD2 area standards.

The SmarTopo® Obstacle Management System delivers rapid obstacle surveys and powerful data management tools for the most complete system available.

System Features:

Data accuracy: the system is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to level 1B with a vertical accuracy of 8.5 feet or better and horizontal accuracy of 12.9 feet or better.  The FAA’s Terrain and Obstacles Data team uses SmarTopo® on a daily basis.   

Confirms dismantled obstacles.

Identifies undocumented obstacles.

Rapid data collection: the system can collect data on an average of 48 obstacles per day.

Simple and robust data management: all available     information on an obstacle(s) may be viewed from the desktop or mobile system.


Visit the OVI page to learn how SmarTopo® delivered outstanding results for the FAA’s Obstacle Verification Initiative.


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