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SmartCam3D® is augmented realty mapping software for sensor operators. 

Roads, points of interest, a moving map and a synthetic landscape may be added to video in real time.  Sensor operators using the software experience improved situational awareness.

Situational awareness is critical to decision making in manned and unmanned airborne operations.

Commanders with assets supported by SmartCam3D® have a distinct advantage when making life and death decisions in force protection, search and rescue, crime suppression, counter-terrorism, anti-poaching, border patrol, security, and disaster relief.

Sensor operators often experience the soda straw effect - a narrowing of the field-of-view.  With limited views it is easy to become disoriented and lose situational awareness.  SmartCam3D® addresses this issue by delivering instant geographic information, including the most current intelligence from the field.

SmartCam3D® features comprehensive local and global geographic databases that provide critical on the ground location information. 

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SmartCam3D was selected

National Defense Industries Association Top 5 Software of 2004.

The product described above does require U.S. Government authorization for export purposes. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.